Ah the trip is really getting close now, the day I'm writing this. And I'm antsy but excited, that familiar mixture. I have to be at my very best out there, try to look after everyone, try to show my best sides. All the warmth in my fingertips pouring out and then I'll soak in more from the sunshine and the starlight. I imagine the sky will be so clear out here. I wish you were here for that, with a telescope and time passing at a crawl.

I miss you~ You're in the other room and I know because I heard you get in, and I'm about to go bother you but I have to write write write first. What should I do, slip over and steal you away to this cozy place?

Remind me, when we're back, I want to watch the bear show again as all of us if you're down too. Did you like it? I don't recall you saying. I want all the iKON time I can get my hands on. It's just hitting a little louder now how I haven't been totally apart from everyone in....years? Not for this long. A day at home. A night at home. Off snowboarding with Double B or running around Jeju with you but never alone. Can I even survive, I'm not sure!

I really am a bundle of nerves right now, this isn't how I want these letters to go~ But it's because of how conscious I am that time is ticking by... time is ticking and you're out there but I'm in here. It feels like a waste! So this letter is ending short~ Because I'm going to go pull you into my bed now and curl up close and tight. Where I want to be~ I'm gonna say something stupid and make you laugh and it's going to be a great use of time, something I'm carrying with me out in the jungle - the sound of your laugh.