We did it. We passed the halfway mark ((presumably)) and I'll be racing home soon. Of course, here in the jungle...what day of the week is it again? What time is it? Where's the sun in the sky? I can imagine that all of that will get blurry, being out there. And that my muscles will ache and I'll be tired but excited... I'm still amazed that I've got this chance, that they even wanted me for this show?

I think back sometimes... I talked with Lisa about this recently since she was asking about industry things...back to that time just after WIN, when I ran across all those petition things that I should be out of Team B. Gosh that was so long ago? I remember being all broken up about it and you hit my shoulder and were like 'Snap out of it you idiot!' I've somehow made it from that to being invited on a show this big? I'm anticipating the headlines. I'm anticipating the'll be something really new...I'm greedy to see how it goes. I know Eunjin is. I ate with her today, after getting my hair dyed (do you miss my blond head a this point? it's already weird seeing dark stuff in my eyes instead of that bright cloud). Eunjin's all excited because more mention of me gets more traffic to her blog.

Enough about me~ Tell me about you~ About your day, your conversations. Do you miss me? Miss me louder, so if I close my eyes I can hear your yell across the ocean. I'm so close to the sea out here...gonna be so easy for my thoughts to stray to you. If this experience is stressful maybe not Fiji but...let's go somewhere, at some point. Not Jeju for family not somewhere for work but there's gotta be a time someday we can beach our hearts out. I wanna run around and have fun with you~ Except..we got things coming up so maybe not until next year.... aish, work..

I'll write more after I get some sleep, the next two days of letters. I hope that you're enjoying these. A little of my voice? Can you hear me? I can hear your voice in the night, in the wind, on the breeze, as the sea lilts and the jungle murmurs around I know... I know out here (I say as if I'm there now while I write even though this is happening before..but my heart knows its true) I know I can hear you.

Love you,

P.S. There is a box of Godiva hidden in my nightstand and it's yours now~ have at it. No reason ^^ (here)