I flew out this morning! Well, actually this is a couple of days before the trip, but I'm sitting here at my desk writing you letters for while I'm gone. Letters that can fill up the space a little bit...just a little for each day. When you get these, write me back? And I'll read anything once I return. After hugging you to death because I'm gonna be deprived ~

So Kimjin, while I'm gone, what's up? What did you do today? What was your FFBE summon? All the simple questions first. Did any song catch your ear today, while out and about in life? When we discuss music you often say it's the beat you enjoy. I tend to thrive on lyrics. Is there warmth in them, are they seeking something, do they relate to my heart... I want to know what words speak to you. So that's what I ask you today, a prompt if you will, to ponder. And because it keeps on the topic of 'Song'. Keep thinking of me, of songs~ I'm dipping my feet into a jungle now, but i'm near!