THIS IS IT! It should be, anyway. I think I've calculated it all out right.. I should've asked the staff for a spreadsheet. That would've helped. I'll be hopping on a plane any moment now coming back, even though right now I'm sitting here waiting for staff-nim to come pick me up to go on the first. I had to finish this last letter. And then I'm off to organize the whole speck of dirt left in my wake, all the leaves in the proper order. Is it possible to leave a jungle spotless? I'll try... (a futile effort but I must!)

If I return in every way exhausted, let me wash up then lay with you? I imagine that's all I'll want, come that day, to lay quietly in our place and hear your voice, watch the way your expressions come and go and just quietly be beside you.. Writing this now and that's all I want to do.

Have any good songs come out while I was away? I want to listen with you. Have you played any games? Will you show me how to join in? What have you worked on in the studio? Show me, teach me... What have you eaten lately and will you share it once my stomach and your stomach are in the same place... Kim Jinhwan do you know yet what you do to me? Will I ever be able to say it clear enough...I just know I'll never satisfy my need to proclaim it because an abundance of you in every aspect of my life is the highest ideal for me... I miss you already.

Some of these letters were probably weird... I don't remember what I wrote in half, it's a blur of feelings and travel anxiety and anticipation but I hope I've made you smile? I'm going to be home soon soon soon and I will call you when I can on my way... something, I'll contact you somehow.

See you soon, I love you.