Today you have a job!

I've been here for two days now, I've probably settled in. And I'm gonna do some shirtless wood chopping or something so please picture that. Ey~ hahaha and I'll do what I can to take on cooking for the group. But being in the makes me want dragonfruit again. Remember our dragonfruit? Let's have more when I'm back. Dragonfruit and lychee, a tropical return before the summer runs out.

Anyway today...a task! A job!

Call my mom? And my sister.. if you have absolutely nothing else going on swing by the restaurant? I just think at this point they'll be a little worried, you know my mom. Some reassurance can go a long way, and if you go see them, they'll leave so much food with you that everyone will have loads to eat for the rest of the week! That covers two problems~

How are our jellyfish doing? Is my room clean or has Chanwoo wrecked it all?

More importantly, how are you? Are you taking care of yourself...obviously you don't need me there hovering over you but I do like to. I want to. Like when i was lazy and you did what I wanted...I want to cater to your whims like that. What are your whims while I'm gone? Kimjin who listens to music with the mood, what's the mood tonight? Let's go away house or just somewhere secret and play relaxing music again and just be there. Be present. Let my lips trace over you...if we make time I'll leave a mark on you, I hope we find that time before I'm off. Inner thighs, I think..since our necks are more easily seen. Inner thighs are a pretty place. If I did, how is it now? If we didn't make that time then...just know after I'm gonna cover you with affection.

I love you! Remember~ Call my home, do my summons, and look after our floating pets. It's okay for me to ask all of this, yeah?

Look up at the stars again, I'll meet you there.

- Songyun